What is God to Me?

God is my friend, my constant companion,
With a deepness of patience as profound as a canyon,
Never judges my faults or shames of the past,
Reassuring forgiveness, enduring friendship to last.
A comforting shoulder on which to weep,
A clear-headed councillor when emotions run deep,
Always there in a crisis, to make sense of the mess,
To relieve the anxiety and temper distress.
An excellent listener and loyal to the core,
Never moans or complains when I’m being a bore,
Always time in the diary, never cancels a date,
That’s why God is my very best mate.
God is the beauty in the nature of earth,
The wondrous world and its emotional worth,
How visions of nature create a sensation,
Of instant, enriching, divine inspiration.
Gentle laps of the ocean caressing the shore,
Soothing my soul like a melodic score,
Damp crystals of sand run between my bare toes,
A ‘spiritual pedicure’ to relieve daily woes.
An Autumnal scene of sun-lit golden trees,
As crisp orange leaves gently fall in the breeze,
Forming a rustling bed on the ground,
Temptation to dance....go on....no-one’s around!
A blanket of snow transforms my whole world to white,
As I draw back the curtains and gasp with delight,
The garden is frozen in glistening peace,
Captured in time,’ til God’s thaw to release.
Golden daffodils trumpet a new season’s dawn,
As nature awakens to a bright Spring morn,
Lambs appear in the meadows to frolic and play,
Thank you God for each amazing day.
God is a guide along the passage of life,
Navigating the route through terrains of strife,
My ‘virtual sat nav’ to direct the ‘right way’,
A shepherd that rounds up the flock that may stray.
A map and a compass to go it alone,
A kind voice at the end of a desperate phone,
Lost and scared on a mountain when things get fraught,
God is my ‘search and rescue’ support.
In unfamiliar surroundings with no-one at my side,
God is my helpful audio guide,
Gently directing the ‘virtuous way’,
Press ‘Pause’ to consider and when ready, press ‘Prey!’
And through really tough times when the outlook is bleak,
When my heart weighs so heavy, it makes my legs weak,
And just one set of footsteps is all that I see,
That’s when I know that God is carrying me.
By a St. Edmunds parishioner


Karen Ballam, 29/09/2011
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