A Shrine to Our Lady in our school grounds.

school Mary 2
On Friday 1 st May 2020, we made a start on our Mary Altar; which is located at the left hand side of the eco garden.
On Friday, we looked at some pictures of Mary, drew and painted our own interpretation of her.
Also, we drew, coloured and made our 
very own flowers to go on our altar.
As well as doing colouring and 
painting, we also learnt about the rosary and the different prayers we say.
On Monday 4 th May 2020 we carried on with colouring flowers and drawing pictures of Mary.
Finally, some people wrote the Hail Mary 
on a sheet of paper (which had been decorated by us children.)
After all the hard work, on Tuesday, 05 May 2020 we placed our pictures on the wall and added a rosary to the bottom of the altar
and the Mary altar was complete. Now we can access our altar and pray the rosary daily!
Nancy & Poppy

school Mary3
IMG 0863

 Some of our 'key worker' children ready to pray the Rosary.

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