The Diocese of Lancaster Lourdes Pilgrimage Committee will present a virtual pilgrimage during the week of 24th July - 1st August 2020, when we would have been in Lourdes.  The attached itinerary shows the Masses and Services planned for the week. Could I please ask you to promote this as best as you can within your parishes and on your websites.   

See itinerary  here 


The virtual pilgrimage will primarily be accessed through the pilgrimage facebook page with prompts and reminders being posted before events:  

https://www.facebook.com/LancastersLourdesPilgrimage.  Links will be posted on the pilgrimage website at www.lancasterlourdes.co.uk and the Diocesan website. 


The Lourdes Sanctuaries have suffered tremendous financial loss during these sad and devastating times.  In harmony with other British dioceses, I have agreed to Lancaster Diocese having a collection for the sanctuaries when we physically can.  I will keep you informed.    


Our Lady of Lourdes is the Patroness of our Diocese. This is an opportunity for us to honour her.




Rt Rev Paul Swarbrick

Bishop of Lancaster