Monday 24th No Mass                                                           
Tuesday 18th 9.00am (St Edmund's) Simon Marley's Intentions
Wednesday 19th 9.15am (St Wulstan's)
12.00pm (St Wulstan's)

12.30pm (St Wulstan's)
7.00 (St Edmund's)
Whole School Ash Wednesday Service 
Yvonne Rawcliffe's Intentions
Holy Half Hour
People of the Parish
Thursday 20th 6.30pm (St Wulstan's) Bob & Alice Rushworth (A)
Friday 21st 9.00am (St Wulstan's) Peter Riley (LD)
Saturday 22nd 9.00 (St Wulstan's)
9.30 (St Wulstan's)
5.30-5.45 (St Edmund's)
6.00pm (St Edmund')
Kathlen McGinley (v. ill)
Holy Half Hour
Margaret Guatelli
Sunday 23rd 10.00am (St Wulstan's) Sybil Whiteside (RIP)
A - Anniversary, I - Ill, LD - Lately Dead, BA - Birthday Anniversary, B - Birthday,
WA - Wedding Anniversary