This week's challenge will be open for a few weeks. We are hoping to produce a booklet of children’s prayers and letters to God. Could you write a prayer or a letter to God and send it to ? All letters and prayers will be typed and any pictures supplied will be added to the printed words and then published on the website and compiled into a booklet.

Here are some more pictures that we have displayed in church to welcome our parishioners home. 

This week's challenge is continuing from last week as we would like lots more 
WELCOME POSTERS to decorate our church. Can you paint or draw a WELCOME sign / poster / picture that we can display in our church? Please let me know by emailing and I will arrange to collect them from you. They will also be displayed on our website. 
Two shiny, cheerful pictures received from Nathaniel and Alexander which are already in church ready to welcome visitors. Thank you so much boys. 
IMG 1568IMG 1572IMG 1565IMG 1562IMG 1575

Here are the cheery and colourful greetings cards sent to some of our elderly parishioners recently.
Collage 2020-06-20 13 32 23
Collage 2020-06-20 13 10 35

Collage 2020-06-20 13 30 09
11.06.20 ~ This week's Challenge..... WELCOME POSTERS

GREAT NEWS! From Monday 15th June, churches are being allowed to open to parishioners for private prayer.  We are busy making arrangements at the moment and waiting for guidance from Bishop Paul before giving opening dates and times. 
We would like to make everyone feel welcome as they visit church for the first time in almost three months. Can you paint or draw a WELCOME sign / poster / picture that we can display at the entrance to church? Please let me know by emailing and I will arrange to collect them from you. They will also be displayed on our website. 

4th June ~ This week's challenge.....'Detective work!'

Do you recognise these pictures. Here's a clue....they are all in our church.

Please email if you know what they are.  (There are more to follow...)


CANOPYIMG 0480IMG 0485IMG 0493IMG 0558IMG 0560

IMG 0567IMG 0592IMG 0585IMG 0583IMG 0588IMG 0538IMG 0535IMG 0514IMG 0483IMG 0495

Children's Challenge : 21st Mayletter writing

Make a card, draw a picture or write a letter to a parishioner living on their own or in a nursing home to brighten up their day. 
Please take a picture of it and a picture of you creating it or holding it for us to share on our website and twitter. 
You can post or deliver your own card, picture or letter, or let me know and I will collect and deliver to one of our parishioners. 
Please email with name and age. 

You may also like to try some of these acts of kindness during the next few weeks. 

Children's Challenge : 7th May
This week's challenge ....'Name the hives for the 'Glory Bees' 
challenge bees cropOur 'Glory Bees' are very happy in their lovely homes in the presbytery garden but would  like names for their four hives. Can you help by thinking of an unusual, funny or topical name for one or more of the four hives.  Please email your ideas
 to Please include full name and age.  

GLORY BEE KEEPERS  - CopyDid you know? Father Alf and the other bee keepers can show you the hives. Watch here.

Bee-Friendly Gardens. Father Alf wrote this on this week's bulletin ~ Our girls are out in force at the moment, and, hopefully, if the good weather persists, we may have a more successful honey crop than last year’s bad summer allowed. You can help by making your garden bee-friendly eg grow lots of traditional cottage-garden flowers such as catmint, lavender, lupins, comfrey, geraniums and scabious. Grape hyacinth and lungwort are great for early spring, while asters, cosmos and helenium flower into autumn. Bees have different length tongues, so grow both deep flowers like foxgloves, and shallow ones like dyers chamomile. Don’t use pesticides.

Saints, Saints and more Saints.....lots of information about some saints, provided by some of our young parishioners. Thank you for accepting the challenge. 

Children's Challenge : 30th April
This week's challenge......'Saints, Saints and more Saints' ~ something for everyone this week ~ from the very youngest to the more mature parishioner ~ drawing, painting, researching, writing or listing. 

* Draw, paint, collage or model your favourite saint, or the saint you were named after OR
* Draw paint, collage or model our parish Patron Saints ~ St Wulstan or St Edmund of Canterbury OR
* Find out as many interesting facts about one of these saints and write a short fact sheet OR
* Find as many saints as you can beginning with the same letter as your own name OR
* Find at least one saint for every letter of the alphabet. The more unusual the better! 
***If you have plenty of time on your hands, please feel free to try more than one aspect of the challenge*** 

Please email a photo of your painting, picture or model, or a copy of your fact sheet or list to
Please do not put names on the picture, painting, collage or model but include full name and age (children only!) within the email.
Closing date for this challenge is the end of the day on Wednesday May 6th.
saints frieze
Our first children's challenge produced some wonderful art work and models of Fr Alf.
Children's Challenge  : 23rd April 2020

Each week we will be setting a challenge for our children. Please encourage your children or grandchildren to join in. 
Our first challenge is for you to produce a picture, painting , collage or model of Father Alf  ready to say Mass.
Can you rise to the challenge?

Lots of work is being done on our parish website at present and we would like to include the new image of Father Alf on our 'Welcome' page. 

Please email a photo of your painting, picture or model to
Please do not put names on the picture, painting, collage or model but include full name and age within the email.

All photos will be published on our website and the winning entry will take pride of place on the 'Welcome' page.
There will be a small prize for the winner!   Good Luck!

The competition will close on Wednesday 29th April (end of the day) and will be announced on the Bulletin and Parish Website next Thursday.  


Maria Doherty, 22/04/2020